Building a rowcruiser
step-by-step photos, kit construction

We’d like to share some photos that take you through construction of a 19’ RowCruiser kit--in this case, the first kit assembled following cutting of parts at Turn Point Design in Port Townsend, WA. Kits can be ordered for $1,799 from Small Craft Advisor magazine, or you can gather a lot of background information from Angus Rowboats,

The kits consist of all wood parts needed to assemble a complete RowCruiser, except for some dimensional

lumber used for the 3/4” x 3/4” sheer clamps.

Not included are the epoxy products,

fiberglass cloth, stir sticks, cups, latex

gloves, paint and other miscellaneous

materials and supplies needed to finish

construction. (Figure roughly $800 for

all of the supplies, on top of the kit price.)

Also not included in the kit price is

hardware needed for sliding-seat rowing, or the outriggers or spoon-blade oars. You can order sliding-seat hardware kits (including plans to make the outriggers); an already-built sliding-seat package that includes the ready-to-install outrigger; and plans to make your own Sitka Spruce spoon-blade oars--all from Angus Rowboats,

The step-by-step photos shown below are not intended to represent a building manual for construction of the RowCruiser...but merely a visual guide to some of the key steps and processes, with time-saving tips offered here and there.

The kit photographed was built by Marty Loken during a 30-day period in August, 2014. “Day One” (below) was Friday, August 1, and the RowCruiser was finished in time to be displayed at the annual Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, September 5-7, in Port Townsend, Washington.

If you have any questions about kit construction or the photos below, please email Marty Loken, editor of this website, at